Intended audience

This document is aimed at everyone working in the NanoSafety Cluster.

The OECD has a list of nanomaterials of interest. eNanoMapper is developing an ontology to be used as common language by this community. This document links the OECD materials to specific terms in the ontology and provides identifiers for each of them.


The eNanoMapper ontology is developed to be used as common language for the nanosafety community [[Hastings2015]]. The ontology contains terms for, for example, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, but the encourage the data and knowledge exchange for the OECD nanomaterials, we have added them to the ontology specifically.

The below table does not show where in the hierarchy the terms are found This can be looked up by clicking the eNanoMapper IRI link. The links provided for the ontology IRIs point to BioPortal [[Noy2009]], which will show the superclasses, which are more general concepts.

The mappings

The below table gives the ontology IRIs for each of the OECD nanomaterials. Clear from the mapping IRIs is how the eNanoMapper ontology [[Hastings2015]] builds on the efforts from the NanoParticle Ontology [[Thomas2011]] and ChEBI ontology [[Hastings2012]].

OECD nanomaterial Code Full Ontology IRI
cerium oxide nanoparticles ENM_9000006
multi-walled carbon nanotubes NPO_354
single-walled carbon nanotubes NPO_943
dendrimers NPO_735
nanoclay nanoparticles ENM_9000007
titanium dioxide nanoparticles CHEBI_51050
fullerenes CHEBI_33128
silicon dioxide nanoparticles NPO_1373
zinc oxide nanoparticles NPO_1542
gold nanoparticles NPO_401
silver nanoparticles NPO_1892
iron nanoparticles ENM_9000200
aluminium oxide nanoparticles ENM_9000005